Vampire Counts Army

Amarell from sheplaysgames with whole Vampire Counts army.

The Undead Army with Bats Swarms, Skeleton Warriors, Black Knights, Dire Wolves, Spirit Hosts, Necromancers and huge Zombie Dragon

A bird eye view of the whole vampire counts army

Time for some family photos of my Vampire Counts army. I finally managed to finish painting the undead models. I started the project in November last year and it involved not only the painting itself, but also kitbashing and converting the models. Unfortunately, the project took longer to complete. The original plan was to finish painting this army by the end of 2022. Of course, various things get in the way and sometimes personal life and work have to come before the hobby.

Charge of the Black Knights unit and Dire Wolves support

No need to complain, though. Having more time has allowed me to fine-tune some things. I consider the project finished for the moment, but not closed. In the future I will want to add additional models to the army, such as zombies, Black Knights or Black Coach. The current build allows me to play a battle for over 2.5k points according to 6th edition rules for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Left side of the army panoramic photo with Necromancer and Banshee

Right side of the army panoramic photo with Necromancer and Wight King

I didn't put together a roster typically for tournament play. I never really cared about that. Some units I took into the roster because I simply liked them and wanted to have models that would fill as many points in the roster as possible. One such example is the Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon. I wrote more about it in my previous post, so if you want to know what kind of model it is and which company it comes from, I invite you to read my previous post. The same goes for all models for the Vampire Counts army.

Converted model of the Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon from Dungeons and Lasers company

Skeleton Warriors from Games Workshop with freehand banner

Necromancer from Games Workshop

I had a lot of fun converting and kitbashing the models. This enabled me to create my own image of some of the miniatures for you. I am most satisfied with the aforementioned dragon, bat swarms and skeleton fillers. In addition, I was able to practice sculpting 3D models in the case of Bat Swarms, which gave me a lot of experience. Finally, the bats were created by hand with Green Stuff and transparent blisters packs, which I bent under heat.

Huge Skeleton Champion from Dark Art Studios

Black Knights Cavalry from Dark Art Studios

Bat Swarms models converted by Amarell

The Spirit Hosts design, on the other hand, involved a return to childhood and the Scooby-Doo cartoon. This led to the creation of flying or perhaps more levitating bedsheets. They were meant to be funny and unusual.

Dire Wolves from Games Workshop

Banshee model kitbashed by Kiebacca

Spirit Hosts models converted by Amarell

Not all the models are from Games Workshop. I used miniatures or bits from companies such as FireForge Games, Dark Art Studios and Dungeons & Lasers. This allowed me to create a unique Vampire Counts army that certainly stands out on the battlefield.

Stephen de Larremont from Dark Art Studios

Rear view of Stephen de Larremont from Dark Art Studios

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