Estor la Lance du Ciel

Bretonnian Hero on Pegasus with Grail symbols

Only a few Bretonnian knights are wealthy and influential enough to afford having a pegasus. This creature is not only stronger than the best-trained warhorse but also faster, more powerful, and smarter. Its high intelligence makes it challenging to train and earn its trust. It requires hard work and a significant amount of gold.

It is said that the most loyal pegasi not only enjoy human company but are incredibly devoted to their masters. They are called Royal Pegasi. In Bretonnia, the honor of riding such creatures falls to Paladins and Lords, among others.

In my army, you can see Estor, affectionately known as "La Lance du Ciel," in this role. Devoted to Lady of the Lake's service, he always answers her call. Since a young age, he dreamed of flying. He was fascinated by raptorial birds like falcons and hawks, which often accompanied him and his father during hunts. He admired their incredible speed of attack with unmatched precision, which would catch the enemy off guard and could take them down on the first try. Many years later, he decided to leave his family home to become a Grail Knight. Wandering through the dukedom of Parravon, he saved a young and injured pegasus from a band of wolves that wanted to devour it. Since that moment, Estor and the grateful pegasus named Nephele have been inseparable. As the pegasus grew large enough for Estor to mount it with his full suit of armor, they journeyed through the lands of Bretonnia, appearing wherever Lady of the Lake sent them. Catching their unprepared adversaries off guard with sudden assaults from the skies.

I remember painting him many years ago. He was my first (or second) painted hero for Bretonnia in my life. I was simply amazed by the marvellous sculpture from Trish Morrison and Alan Perry. He served in my army for a long time, and over time, he started to lag behind in terms of painting compared to the rest of the models. So, I decided to refresh and repaint him. I am very pleased with the final result. I didn't change his colors, which are inspired by the dukedom of Carcassonne. As for the heraldry, instead of the sword often seen on knights' shields in this province, I used the image of the Grail to emphasize his high status as a Living Saint. Painting the freehands is a challenge for me, but I try to do it as best as I can. His wavy caparison didn't make it any easier, but after several attempts, I managed to create satisfactory Grail symbols. Additionally, this time, I created a spiral pattern instead of the usual wooden lance. I also had the opportunity to practice NMM further. I hope you like it.

Paladin on Pegasus from Warhammer the Old World

Bretonnian Champion with a Lance and Grail Shield

Details of Bretonnian Hero on Pegasus and fleur-de-lyses

Warhammer Fantasy Battles 5th edition oldhammer miniature

Bretonnian follower of the Lady of the Lake ready to guard his kingdom

Bretonnian Hero on Pegasus miniature painting comparison

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