Tales of the Old World

Town Crier with a Questing Knight announcing new taxes to villagers

I recently got my hands on Axia Miniatures models. They perfectly represent the inhabitants of the Old World. Among the many different models, I liked five designs the most: the corpse snatcher, the witch, the stonemason, the bellman and the mad king.

Each of the miniatures has something unique about it. The figures are very detailed. For example, the corpse snatcher reminds me of Igor from the film "Young Frankenstein" (1974) , who became famous for saying "What hump?". The stonemason, on the other hand, carries an entire coffin with candles on his back. This allowed me to practise the OSL effect on the models.

When I saw the bellman miniature with the hen in the hat, I knew I had to have it in my Bretonnian army. It's a great combination of both the countryside and urban vibe. In addition, the fact that it is a living law pillar reminded me of a certain video with a 'high voltage electrician' (people from Poland will know who I mean), which I really enjoyed and made me laugh a lot.

Of course, there was also a witch called Wanda. She lives on the outskirts of a small settlement in the Mousillon dukedom.

Finally, the idea of a mad king is a great theme for an RPG session or for a narrative hero. I intend to use it more than once in the future for exactly such adventures.

Igor with a lantern and a shovel.

Igor with a lantern and a shovel on the black background.

Igor with a lantern and a shovel - a zoomed photo.

the stonemason standing on a statue in the moonlight with a raven on his shoulder and a chisel in his hand at dawn

The stonemason on the black background

The stonemason on the detailed photo

The town crier saying a decree to the people of Bretonnia

The town crier on the black background

The witch in the woods near her hut

The witch on a black background photo

The witch on a zoomed photo

The mad king screaming at the heavens

The mad king on a black background photo

The mad king on a zoomed photo

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